Zhù | 箸

Interactive Installation




The interactive projection project Zhù was made within 48 hours during the Second Cross-strait Youth Maker Competition, was awarded with the Third Prize.

The inspiration to feature Zhù(Chopsticks) in this project stems from an common observation from all group members’ one-year studying away life in United States, that chopsticks are undoubtedly associated with Chinese or Japanese dinning culture. It is a must try for non-users to visit Chinese restaurants or travel to China. While in the place of its origin, chopsticks are such a normal part of life that its history and cultural significance are easily looked over. People who use them every day seldom wonder about these questions.

Therefore we decide to dig deeper on chopsticks in order to awaken culture inheritance. The project eventually turns daily dinning process into an interactive immersive experience. Water-and-ink style animation is projected on the table, narrating the earliest Chinese poem that mentions chopsticks. Users can trigger different animation by tinkering dinnerwares including Zhù,  Zhù Zhen (Chopstick Holder), ceramic bowls and plates. Besides its achievement, the project is highly complimented by judges for its commercial potentiality. Interactive projection on tables could also be considered a marketing tool in future to brand restaurants in an elegant way.


  • 2017.10.14-15  invited to exhibit at The 6th Maker Carnival, Shanghai
  • 2017.08  won the Third Prize at Cross-Strait Youth Maker Competition, Bonus 2500 RMB, Shanghai


  • Provided technical solution: by researching and comparing hardwares and sensors
  • Realized interaction between projection and sensors: through OSC communication between Arduino and MadMapper


Yi Zhao, Nan Zhao, Weiyu Wang