Interactive Installation


In this interactive image, the viewer’s figure is delineated by black strings. The pure white canvas is a framed camera-projection system behind which, invisible to the viewer, a body tracker is installed(Kinect, PC, custom software). The camera sends the data of the viewer’s figure movement to the computer, which locates and extracts the outline of the viewer’s figure. Once a viewer is detected, the digitally generated black strings drop from above the viewer’s figure. With the data of the viewer’s silhouette and physics effect, the strings, falling on the viewer, gradually delineate her outline which otherwise is not depicted in the white image. 
The observer who encounters this work, not expecting elements in the projection to virtually collide with her body, realizes that the more strings fall on herself, the more obvious her existence is in the image. Because the canvas is nothing but white if without viewer, it may contribute to confusion, but it will certainly reinforce a reflection concerning the difference between this kind of experience of her own body and more instant interaction ways. It is part of the irony of the work that the viewer’s figure is not shown if not relying on other object, in this case the strings. If the viewer is no longer present, the black strings fall to the ground and pile up.
The project is programmed in Openframeworks, with Kinect, OpenCV and Box2D add-ons.


  • 2018.02.19 – 03.22 MixC Infinite New Born “光影秘境・旭”交互媒体艺术公益展
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Version 1.0

The following is the documentation of the first version of this work.

Accomplished for and exhibited at NYU Tandon IDM Final show. Documented at IDM, 2017 Spring.

Programmed in Processing, the project encountered problems such as that it becomes laggy after running for 10 minutes, which seriously reduces the user experience.  As to its concept, the viewer seem to feel less connected with the strings and their movements if without their figure showing on the canvas. 



For some people, struggle never ends. In this interactive image piece, black strings keep falling down to the ground, wriggling sickly. It might stick to the participant’s position, thus gradually delineating one’s body silhouette. Strings here are utilized as a visual symbol of vibrant disturbing emotion of pressure, depression, adversity–the dark side of life for which no one ever prays, but have to face more or less. Once stuck, the strings twist and enwind the participant like snakes, suffocating him. Even when the participant’s figure vanishes from the virtual world, strings continue to exist, waiting for the next victim. Surrender or escape doesn’t eliminate adversity.  




Coded in Processing with toxiclibs and openkinect libraries



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