MoMA Collection



It seems to me that an artwork caption sometimes could become a double sword for gallery persons —— it explains the concept and context of an artwork, but confuses visitors if the words are over-grandiloquent. A professional caption stresses highlight of the artwork without redundant words.

I hereby explore the possibilities of presenting the artwork captions in a non-linear way—— poems. I wonder if the mix of symbols and phrases is better at expressing non-linear message behind the artworks.


The generated poems (on the left) are a remix of artwork captions from the MOMA website. MOMA kindly provides a glossary of art terms. After a user clicks one art term of many, the website goes to the homepage of the term which introduces the art term in brief words, i.e. this is the links of Abstract Expressionism. Below it are some representative artworks associated with the terms.

The rich source allows me to generate one poem for each art term. In this way, it is highly likely that the outputs differ in the word choices and thus reflect the concern and interest of the art topics. For one term, the source text of the generated poem is the sum of all the introduction paragraphs on MoMA website. 



1.Save source text by scrapping with dynamic links.

1.1 Scrap the link for each term


1.2 In the homepage of a term, collect the introduction paragraph and save it to local files


1.3 Scrap the link for each representative artwork.


1.4 In the page of the artwork, collect the paragraph of caption and save it to local files.


2. Analyze the source to figure out most frequent words and all possible rhymes.