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Prudence Yao, from Shanghai


What I am doing:

  • Creating interactive artworks that illustrates tech singularity (See my work Live Knitter and Struggle)
  • Creative Coding and Physical Computing
  • WebVR/AR development
  • Data Visualization


What I ain’t doing:

  • Creating artwork that is purely a visual incentive
Keywords: Interactive Installation / Emerging New Media Artist / Emerging VJ / Pythoner
Recent Exhibition
2018.12 《应变》, Shanghai
2018.11, “Mei” Exhibition, @Himalayas Museum, Shanghai
2018.02, Infinite: New Born, @MixC Shanghai
2018, The 6th Maker Carnival, @Shanghai
2015, STEM Education Day, @Shanghai Science Hall
VJ Journey
2018.Mar.10, VJ                @ ALL Club, Shanghai
2017.Aug.17, VJ Assistant @ Life in Color 2017, Shanghai
Freelanced for
2018.10 Huawei Belarus Banquet, Interactive installation and projection
2017.12 Honeywell Lab, Smart-AC control system
2017.07 Lumo Lab, interactive floor projection